Tiled and Slate Roofing

Our company of qualified roofing contractors are experienced with all major styles of tiled and slate roofing. We take on all manner of pitched roofing work from minor repairs and replacements to full new roof installations.

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Tiles and Slates

Flat Tiles

Flat Tiles

Traditional flat roofing tiles are made from baked clay and double lapped for reliability and low maintenance.

Slate Tiles


Fireproof, waterproof and mould-resistant – slate has been used as a roofing material for hundreds of years.



These single lapped tiles with a distinct S-shaped profile are particularly popular in the East of England.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles offer a huge range versatility in style, shape and colour and are well-suited to coastal properties.

Quality Materials

Whatever tiling you choose, we always use high standard breathable felt membrane and Grade A battening in the supporting structure. This provides a stronger and more reliable installation that makes for better protection and a longer life for your roof.

Up To 25 Year Guarentee

Up to 30 Year Guarantee

A full new tiled roof installation can be guaranteed for 30 years.

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